Become A Certified Angelologist

This is a 12-month online video course with Doreen Virtue, studying the multi-cultural history of angels.

Topics will include ancient archeological findings of winged beings, ancient lore and tales of angels, Biblical angels, angels in sacred texts and literature, angels in various religions, angelologists through the ages, and more. At the end of this course, you will be an expert about the history of angels.

This is not a New Age course, and it does not include the topics of divination or angelic communication.

You can start the course at any time, and take it at your own pace. After you complete each month’s videos, you’ll take a brief quiz, and at the end of the 12 months, you’ll have the option of taking a comprehensive online quiz to complete your certification. All graduates have the option of being listed on the website with a link to Doreen’s website.

All enrolled students will have access to a private forum, dedicated just to this class on this website. This moderated forum is a safe place to meet other students from the class, ask questions and receive answers, and discuss your experiences of this class.

There are no required books to read for this class. All the materials will be supplied with the monthly videos which you will have access to, via your account on this website. In this course, all the materials will be on this website and there won’t be any email PDFs to look for.


Free Meditation with Michael

In this free meditation, Michael David Virtue will take you on a journey to connect with Archangel Michael. Within this video you will find helpful meditation tips, how to set your own vibration to the frequency of Archangel Michael’s, how to shield your energy and much more!

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Divine Healing from Addictions

This video consists of teachings and healing meditations, based upon Doreen’s prior work as an addictions-treatment psychotherapist who worked at inpatient and outpatient psychiatric treatment facilities PLUS her spiritual healing work with reducing or eliminating addictive cravings.

These are methods which Doreen used to personally recover from addictions to coffee, chocolate, and wine. She has taught these methods worldwide in her workshops and writings, and the empirical feedback has been equally encouraging.

Whether you need support with a behavioral addiction (such as chronic worrying, or a pattern of debt, drama, or any other excess which causes you problems) or a substance addiction (including food), the methods discussed and demonstrated in this video can offer support.

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Free Healing Meditation with Jesus

This free and non-denominational meditation video offers three gentle healing meditations with Jesus. You’ll also learn about Doreen’s experiences with Jesus, and why she believes having a personal relationship with him leads to true peace.

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Become a Certified Fairyologist!

In Doreen Virtue’s exciting and entertaining new video course, you’ll learn all about the fairies, including their history, lineage, myths, multi-cultural aspects, other elementals, and how to connect with and receive messages from fairies, including how to see and photograph fairies. After watching the videos, you’ll take an online test and receive your frameable certificate. You’ll also have the option of being listed as a Fairyologist on Doreen’s website, to support you giving fairy workshops and fairy readings.

Taught by Doreen Virtue, author of Fairies 101, Healing With the Fairies, Magical Messages From the Fairies Oracle Cards, co-author of Fairy Tarot, and columnist for Fae Magazine. Doreen has been connecting with fairies since she was a little girl. An avid environmentalist, Doreen believes that the more of us who connect with fairies, the more power the elementals have to protect and heal our air, water, and earth.

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How to let go and Forgive Course with Doreen Virtue

How to let go and Forgive

Doreen Virtue guides and supports you through the gentle process of letting go of painful past memories and feelings in this 60 minute meditation and teaching video. You’ll receive support in forgiving, releasing, and detoxing yourself from the past. This video will help you to be free of anything that’s holding you back from happiness and health.
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Healing With the Angels Meditation with Doreen Virtue

Healing With the Angels Meditation with Doreen Virtue

Based upon Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Angels book, this 45-minute healing meditation takes you through the processes of Angel Therapy. Doreen guides your connection with Archangels Michael and Raphael. The video is also a teaching model for your own healing work with others. Only $4.44 (US) for instant download or viewing.

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Doreen Virtue Workshops Career Change

How to Start and Grow Your Spiritually Based Business

A 90-minute teaching with Doreen Virtue, who shares everything she’s learned in her 25 years of successful spiritually based self-employment. Learn how to avoid costly mistakes, and fast-track your business to fulfilling success. Only $11 US for instant download or viewing, including Doreen’s notes. You can watch the video as often as you’d like, or download it on your computer.

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Realm Reader Online Course

Become a Certified Realm Reader

Based upon Doreen Virtue’s popular “Earth Angel Realm” book, this 15-video course teaches you how to identify the earth angel realm for yourself, loved ones, and clients. You’ll learn how to determine the life purpose, relationship style, and personality characteristics for yourself and others during your Realm Readings. At the end of the course, you’ll have the option to take a test and receive a frameable certificate showing you are a Certified Realm Reader. Only $44 (US) for instant download or viewing.

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